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1. YouPorn J1.7 plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins)
... it is!   Usage: Open the YouPorn video, you like to display in your Joomla article. Simply copy the URL of this video and create a string as follow in your Joomla article: URL Let's ...
2. Joomla enbed PDF Plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins)
...|height:500|width:400|app:google To use this plugin, you just install the plugin and add such a line into the article, you like to show your pdf file. ...
3. plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins) - Plugin for Joomla Add your favorite video into your Joomla page! Open the Joomla article, where you like to add the video. At the position, where you would like to ...
4. Joomla uTube Plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins)
... easy and confortable.   How to use it: - Download the plugin here and install it in Joomla. - Activate the plugin at the plugin section in Joomla. - Open the Joomla article, where you like to ...
5. Enbed_pdf HowTo
(Uncategorised Content)
How to use enbed_pdf in your Joomla articles?   Login into your Joomla backend and go to "Extensions" >> "Install/Uninstall", click the "Browse" button and select the, ... Banner