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1. Change the network device name
(Linux/tipps & tricks)
... KVM or replaced a physical network card in a non virtualized server. If it’s a CentOS 6 machine you need to change 2 files to rename the interface for example from eth1 back to eth0. One file ... ( actually now) is a service that enables you to have a place to put files that you want to access from anywhere. Some people (ehem) use it to back up their workstations.. Did your ...
3. Joomla enbed PDF Plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins)
Enbed_pdf Show pdf files on your Joomla webpage! This plugin show your pdf files on your page. You can decide to show your pdf with Google viewer, or the users local installed acrobat plugin.  ...
4. Convert avi to flv on commandline
(Linux/tipps & tricks)
... and it worked like a charm.   Here is my small script, what convert all .avi files into a .flv file with the same screensize and 44100 mp3 sound: ##################### #!/bin/sh ## avi2flv ...
5. Convert mts to flv on commandline
(Linux/tipps & tricks)
These days, I was looking for an easy and comfortable way to convert my mts files into handy flv format for my web-pages. and realized, that such really working code is not easy to find. So, I just ...
6. Was alles ueberwacht werden kann
(Xymon / Hobbit Monitoring/Xymon / Hobbit Monitoring)
... CPU; Fan-Speed; Files; User Login; Memory; Logs; Ports; Programs; Raid; SMTP; Pop3(s); IMAP(S); SSH; Temperature; Network Status; Windows Update Service; Server uptime; Telnet; HDD S.M.A.R.T; Sybase, ...
7. Joomla eyeOS plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins)
...  If you delete a user in the Joomla administration backend, also the eyeOS user within all depend files and folders will be deleted. Deutsch Da ich auf meiner eigenen Homepage eyeOS nutze, ich es ...
8. ShoutScan Explanation
(Uncategorised Content)
ShoutScan v1.0 Beta -  create playlists (.pls) files from ShoutCast is one of the most famous platforms, where to search and listen online radiostreams. but if you would like ...
9. AVG Free Antivirus for Windows
(Web Links / Windows)
Everyone has the right to basic computer security at no charge. And our 110 million users think we’re doing a pretty good job. So if you’re planning to spend time online and you regularly exchange files ...
10. The Razor's Edge RPM repository
(Web Links / Xymon / Hobbit Monitoring)
Download area for several Xymon rpm files. ...
11. Cyberduck
(Web Links / Apple)
Cyberduck is an open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Mosso Cloud Files and Amazon S3 browser for the Mac.  ... Banner