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... found, again. There are also manuals out there to get back AppleTalk working, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. If you want to verify the settings, you can do it with the following ...
... and password) passwd     Edit the /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf Change: # use_locks 1 to use_locks 0   Now mount it! # mount /mnt/box Show that it's there ...
3. WebDAV with Windows Vista and Windows 7
(windows/tipps & tricks)
...  It sometimes works, and sometimes not. There are several hacks available, if you use Google. The most common is, to enable the basic authentication in Windows Vista/7, but I only was able to get ...
4. Enbed_pdf HowTo
(Uncategorised Content)
... like to display on your Joomla Webpage. Click on the "Share" button on right upper corner. There, click on "Share Online". You will see a button called "Start sharing". Click it and close the setting-window. ...
5. Acrobat Open-Parameter
(Uncategorised Content)
...  There can be no spaces in the URL line.   URL Examples,250,100 ...
6. Video Livestreams Toppage
(Uncategorised Content)
... Streams RTL RTL 2 Super RTL VOX NDR Italien Streams Rai 1 Rai 2 Rai 3 Rai Szuola and many more... There are also several Romanian and Israelian high quality IPTV streams avaialable. English ... Banner