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Can't connect smb (Samba) share with your OSX 10.7?   It is just happened. Apple released their latest OSX version, and closed support for older AppleTalk and Samba releases. But still many ...
2. Xymon client GUI
(Xymon / Hobbit Monitoring/Xymon / Hobbit Monitoring)
New BBWin GUI Version 2 Release for BBWin XYMon (Hobbit) Client   These days, another great tool was release by squidworks. Till now, you always had to open your favorite text-editor to configure your ...
3. Convert avi to flv on commandline
(Linux/tipps & tricks)
... lame-3.97-1.el5.rf on my CentOS 5.3. First, I was using lame-3.98.2-1.el5.rf, but I always got an "output buffer too small" error, while converting the audio data. So I just installed an earlier version ...
4. Convert mts to flv on commandline
(Linux/tipps & tricks)
... always got an "output buffer too small" error, while converting the audio data. So I just installed an earlier version and it worked like a charm.   Here is my small script, what convert all .mts ...
5. Joomla Show User IP
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins)
Joomla Module "Show User IP"   This module shows global IP, Location, Browser version and Operating system, JavaScript status and Screen resolution of a client. Because I was looking for that kind ...
6. Joomla eyeOS plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins)
...  To be honest, I'm not an extreem professional in PHP, but I was surpriced, how easy it is, to write a Joomla plugin. The current version of this plugin only support registering of users who registered, ...
7. USV Monitoring
(Xymon / Hobbit Monitoring/My Hobbit Scripts)
... Diese Software musste ja nun auch irgendwo seine Logs hinschreiben, sowie die derzeitige Konfiguration der USV Batterie speichern. Nach kurzer Tüftelei stand die erste Version meines BBWin Plugins, mit ...
8. hoobit-xymon monitoring
(Xymon / Hobbit Monitoring/Xymon / Hobbit Monitoring)
... diese dann blind auf alle zu überwachende Clients Xymon wird regelmäßig aktiv weiter Entwickelt.  Es werden in regelmäßigen Abständen Updates und neue Versionen von Xymon veröffentlicht. ...
9. Piwik app
(Uncategorised Content)
Piwik Mobile is the official Piwik mobile app for devices running iOS and Android. This vision is to keep the PiwikMobile app as close as possible to the browser version. Piwik Mobile provides the ...
10. ShoutScan Explanation
(Uncategorised Content)
... and drop it into your mediatomb library. With the next scan, mediatomb will scan and add your playlist. This program is still a beta version and I would be happy to get a featback from all users. ...
11. Video Livestreams Toppage
(Uncategorised Content)
... which I found, some days ago. It is called "Streamplayer" and offer you a bunch of high quality IPTV streams in several languages. You can download it here. The current version (version 3) offeres the ... Banner