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1. YouPorn J1.7 plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins)
... it is!   Usage: Open the YouPorn video, you like to display in your Joomla article. Simply copy the URL of this video and create a string as follow in your Joomla article: URL Let's ...
2. plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins) - Plugin for Joomla Add your favorite video into your Joomla page! Open the Joomla article, where you like to add the video. At the position, where you would like to ...
3. Joomla uTube Plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins)
  a simple    plugin for Joomla You are looking for a simple way to add your YouTube videos on your Joomla page? Just download this plugin and add your videos ...
4. Convert avi to flv on commandline
(Linux/tipps & tricks)
Well, converting an avi video file into a flv file is pretty the same way, like doing it with an mts video file. So I just changed the mts2flv file a little bid! I'm using ffmpeg-0.5-3.el5.rf with ...
5. Convert mts to flv on commandline
(Linux/tipps & tricks)
These days, I was looking for an easy and comfortable way to convert my mts files into handy flv format for my web-pages. and realized, that such really working code is not easy to find. So, I just ...
6. Video Livestreams Toppage
(Uncategorised Content)
To see / hear my livestreams, you first have to register on this page. After you registered, you will see all livestreams listed at the menue. I also would like to inform you about a nice application, ... Banner