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1. Change the network device name
(Linux/tipps & tricks)
... is the udev rule for network devices which is located here: /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules Copy the new mac address to the line of your eth0 rule and delete the new rule ...
2. Joomla enbed PDF Plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins)
...  To decide, which PDF app, to use, you can set the default app at the plugin settings, or add a "|app:google" ,"|app:adobe" to the path of your PDF file. If you decide to use Google viewer, it ...
3. Joomla uTube Plugin
(Joomla/Joomla Plugins)
... add the YouTube video.    At the position, where you would like to see the video,    write video_id . The video ID is the ID,    which is written in the end of the YouTube ...
4. WebDAV with Windows Vista and Windows 7
(windows/tipps & tricks)
... need to start it, when using the WebDAV. But to be honest, this would just be a temporary way. So I found and tried the small and free of charge application called NetDrive, which is also stable in ...
5. Piwik app
(Uncategorised Content)
...    You can see at a glance how all your websites are doing using the 'All Websites' dashboard. The app is available in more than 40 languages! Which devices are currently supported? Android ...
6. Enbed_pdf HowTo
(Uncategorised Content)
... which you have downloaded, before. You now, should see the path to enbed_pdf zipfile at the textfield. Now, click the "Upload File & Install" button.   After a short time, you should see "Install ...
7. Video Livestreams Toppage
(Uncategorised Content)
... which I found, some days ago. It is called "Streamplayer" and offer you a bunch of high quality IPTV streams in several languages. You can download it here. The current version (version 3) offeres the ... Banner