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ShoutScan v1.0 Beta -  create playlists (.pls) files from

ShoutCast is one of the most famous platforms, where to search and listen online radiostreams. but if you would like to setup your own playlist of your favorite livestreams and just save it into a pls file, it isn't easy to do that.

For that intention, I just wrote this small program. It makes it easy, to just select the stations, you want to export in a single pls file and export it.


At the list on left side, all available genre are listed. Whith a single click of your choice, the available stations will be listet on the right list.
You now can double-click a station and your default media-player will play the selected station.
If you do a right-click on selected station, you can see details about this station. All streaming address are listet at the detail view.


You now can select one, or even many stations and click the "Export Each Selected To File" to create a pst file for each selected. If you select your favorite station and click the "Merge And Download Selected" button, ShoutScan will create just one pst file, what include all stream information of your choice.

Everyone who has running a mediatomb server, is might be looking for such an application! You can download playlist files and drop it into your mediatomb library. With the next scan, mediatomb will scan and add your playlist.
This program is still a beta version and I would be happy to get a featback from all users.

ShoutScan is written in  .NET_logo , but the installer check your system, if a valid dotnet version is installed. Banner