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New BBWin GUI Version 2 Release for BBWin XYMon (Hobbit) Client


These days, another great tool was release by squidworks. Till now, you always had to open your favorite text-editor to configure your BBWin client configuration. Now, they have release a really nice tool to make the admin life a little bid easier, again.

They released the brand new fully redesigned BBWin GUI application that will allow the user to quickly and easily add or update the BBWin.cfg file. It is a small standalone application written in C# that provides for most of the configurations that you can find in the BBWin.cfg file. From managing your disks to selecting processes and services to monitor this tool does it all.

You can download it from our page, here, or just directly from squidqworks, here

Here are some screenshots, but if you would like to read more about this nice tool, I would recommend you to visit squidworks webpage.