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Xymon / Hobbit Monitoring
Xymon/ Hobbit is a tool for monitoring servers, applications and networks. It collects information about the health of your computers, the applications running on them, and the network connectivity between them. All of this information is presented in a set of simple, intuitive webpages that are updated frequently to reflect changes in the status of your systems.
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1   Link   What is Xymon?
2   Link   Where can I download Xymon?
Cause the name of project has changed, the link has changed, too!
3   Link   Support
4   Link   deadcat (Xymon Modules & plugins)
Here you will find an ever growing collection of monitoring plug-ins, scripts, tools, and documentation related to Big Brother- & Hobbit/Xymon Monitoring.

5   Link   Xymon / Hobbit Demopage
Just take a look, how Xymon Monitoring is working!!

6   Link   The Razor's Edge RPM repository
Download area for several Xymon rpm files.
7   Link   Devmon: an SNMP device monitor
Devmon is a Perl daemon designed to supplement and enhance the monitoring capabilities of a server running either the BigBrother or Hobbit/ Xymon monitoring software. BigBrother and Hobbit/Xymon, at present, only support monitoring remote devices via ICMP or TCP port tests.
8   Link   The official Xymon Forum
Here, you can get help, if you have questions, or problems with Xymon. The official Xymon Forum on
9   Link   Xymon Mailing List
Wanna join the Xymon Mailing List?
Just click on this link and send an email with the subject "subscribe" to the given address!

Hope to see you soon at the list!
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